Behind the Scenes of TDC-



Behind The Scenes of TDC: A Tour of My Craft Cart VIDEO

Hey there friends! I’m happy you are here with me. I love to be inspired by creations made by other crafters. I’m intrigued by how there minds work to create the beautiful things they make. I am just as intrigued by how they work. I love to see the products they use and what their creative spaces looks like.

Because I know that I am not alone in my thinking, I thought I would share with you a peak behind the scenes of TDC in this week’s video. I am right handed so just to the right of me is my craft cart on wheels. It holds all my most used and loved tools and supplies that I reach for every time I sit down to create.

So I thought I would share my craft cart with you all. Check out how I have my cart stocked in my video on YouTube. Click HERE to be taken to the video.


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One thought on “Behind The Scenes of TDC: A Tour of My Craft Cart VIDEO

  1. Ann

    I watched the video- your organzation is impressive! I like that you mentioned Accent Opaque Paper- going to give it a try! Thanks!

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