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Cards With Last Week’s Alcohol Ink Panels

Were you wondering what I did with those panels I made in last week’s video??? Well, wonder no more. Take a look at these cards!

True confession – the pink and purple panel I created was my least favorite. I don’t always like what I create, but I work with it. It’s part of the process. So to make use of the panel, I decided to make die cuts out of it. Pinkfresh Butterflies to the rescue! You all know I love this set and it worked great for these cards. I added sentiments from the Honey Bee Stamps “Kind” set. I’m very happy with taking a dud and turning it into a gem!

These two, especially the one on the right, are my favorite that I created! I think I am really getting the hang of alcohol inks and I am feeling more confident with them. I know I still have so much more to learn and will be doing that right along side you all on my YouTube channel.

Be sure to check out my post from last week to see all the products I used for these cards. I’ll link it HERE.

Until next time… Enjoy!

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