Craft Organization: Stamp and Die Storage Ideas {New Video}

Let’s be honest – crafters have A LOT of things! We have inks and paints in a rainbow of colors. we have enough paper to build a life size dollhouse. The list goes on and on. So in order to know what we have, and use what we have, it is a wise to have good storage ideas that are also flexible. Whether you are new to crafting, or a seasoned veteran crafter, lack of storage will frustrate you and likely cost you more money.

Today, I am sharing with you how I store my stamps and dies. there are lots of videos and ideas on the web about craft storage. Many of those videos I have watched and read the articles too. I wanted to share my ideas as well since I have 1) Found a few different products to use and 2) have a smaller (but growing) stamp and die collection. Let’s jump in!

This is my current stamp and die storage setup. It is very functional and I can easily find the items I want to use. I have created my own laminated dividers to separate dies from stamps, as well as being able to categorize my items. I think this is best seen and not read, so I created a video showing how this is setup that you can find on my YouTube channel.

To store my stamps and dies, I use 2 different sizes of plastic sleeves/pockets. I have found that these 2 sizes fit all of my stamps and dies and keeps me from spending money on specialty sized sleeves that I will rarely use. The plastic is different thicknesses but I have found that they both hold up really well. I’ll put links to them below on Amazon.

The biggest game changer for me has been the pre-cut magnetic sheets that I use for my dies. I was using another magnetic sheet that I was having to cut down myself and had a hard time finding as well. When I discovered these sheets from Marietta Magnetics, I was in heaven! They come in a pack of 25 which makes them quite economical. And should you need to cut them, you easily can. Yay!!!

The workhorse of my craft room organization is my Brother P-Touch label maker. She has become an essential craft tool for me! Many crafters feel the same way. This tool is easy to use and allows for clean and consistent labeling of your craft supplies. Such a great investment!

Here are the links to the products I have shared.

Here is my video on stamp and die storage where I share more details about how each of these products works for me.

Until next time… Enjoy!

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One thought on “Craft Organization: Stamp and Die Storage Ideas {New Video}

  1. Marjorie S Hillback

    Wat watching the Card Maker Success Summit and looked at your site. So enjoyed the video on organization. We are renting a place while the retirement house we have purchased is being worked on. Also, we go up near Canada in the summer to a fishing cottage so I am always lugging my craft stuff. However, I am working hard to organize things so I can have a sane setup when we move into the house in MA.
    Would like to see a second edition of how to store inks, markers, cutters. Saw where one person had a narrow shelf under her work table to the side where she stored her Fiskars cutter. Another had a pull out drawer for her die cutter.

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