Getting Great Results With The Glimmer Hot Foil Machine + Video

Hey family! So glad you have stopped by. I have a new video up on my YouTube channel sharing all the tips and tricks I have acquired while using my Glimmer Hot Foil Machine.

I absolutely love my hot foil machine. Hot foil has taken my card making to a new level with the sparkle it adds to my creations. The options of companies offering hot foil plates is continuing to grow and the choices of foils is awesome.

If you want to glean from my experience with the Glimmer Hot Foil machine, be sure to check out the video by clicking HERE.

I’ll be posting a second video all about the Solid Hot Foil Plate from Pink Fresh Studio. Be sure to check that one out as well as I think this plate is brilliant!

Until next time…Enjoy!

Robin, The Delta Crafter

The Delta Crafter

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