Holiday Planner Update – FREE Printable Too!

Back in 2017 (when I was going by the name The Delta Scrapper), I posted a video on my YouTube channel sharing you with you how I made my own Holiday Planner. I also designed a created a FREE Printable so that you all could make your own Holiday Planner too. The video from 2017 is linked here.

Fast forward to 2020 and it has been 3 years since that video. I can hardly believe that! So as we move into the holiday season, I thought it was time to share an update on how I have used my Holiday Planner. I have posted a new vide on my YouTube channel giving you new ideas on how to use the planner and other tips as well. Watch the update video below.

Want to make your own planner now?! Click here to grab the FREE Printable to create your own. These are so easy to make that they would be great to give as gifts to your other busy friends. Just put a cover on a composition notebook and give them the tag sheets so they can customize their planner to their likings. You could even get a few friends together for a Craft Night and everyone can make a planner. Easy, thoughtful and they will think of you each time they use it.

Visit my YouTube Channel for more videos and inspiration. Until next time…Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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