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TDC Has An Etsy Shop!

BIG NEWS ALERT! The Delta Crafter now has an Etsy shop!

I have to be honest and have a moment of transparency – I did not want to do this. Let me rephrase that – I didn’t think I could do this. I was operating from the mind set the folks who had Etsy shops and created products were long time authorities in their fields. They had years of schooling and experience under their belts which made them worthy of the status they had. That’s how they were able to do the things they were doing and have products that people wanted.

Initially, I did not think I had those qualifications. But after doing a little research and reflecting on my years of crafting and skills acquired, I started to think that maybe I did have what it takes to have my own Etsy shop.

The thing that sealed the deal for me was as my crafting and hobbies grew, I found myself wanting and needing different tools to help me plan and create (Necessity is the mother of invention, right?!). So I set out to create tools to help me fill the holes I had. And I knew I wasn’t the only one having those holes so I decided to offer the tools I created to you all in an Etsy shop.

In my shop I have …

  • Crafting Resources – I am most proud of my very first craft resource, Color Combinations By The Seasons. This resource is chock full of color combinations separated by seasons and as a BONUS – there is even a private video and web page just for this resource. YES!
  • Wellness Resources – digital and/or printable resources that can help you track and monitor your well being. Choose from Self Care and Daily Pulse Check items.
  • Home Management Resources – spending a few minutes to plan can save you a lot of grief and headaches later on. Check out my Meal Planning digital resource to help you stay on top of your meals and save money.

Want to visit The Delta Crafter Etsy Shop? Click HERE to get in on the fun. I plan to add more resources to the shop in the future and I’ll be sure to let you know when I do.

Until next time…Enjoy!

Robin, The Delta Crafter

The Delta Crafter

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