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The New MISTI 2.0 – Unboxing and Review Video!

Hi friends! Today, I’m sharing with you my review of the new MISTI 2.0 stamping tool! Let’s dive in.

The brand new MISTI 2.0 stamping tool just started shipping. I had been eyeing the MISTI for some time now but never pulled the trigger. Buying a MISTI is a significant investment in this craft, coming in at $60 for the Original MISTI. So purchasing one is not something I took lightly. I had really been considering buying one in the last month or so. So when I heard a new version was coming out, I knew it was time to pull the trigger.

To best share my thoughts on the new MISTI 2.0 stamping tool, and to show you how it works, I decided to film a video for my YouTube channel. In the video, I talk about the improvements and show you how having the MISTI can change your stamping. Click below to watch the video!

These are my views on the MISTI 2.0 stamping tool. I was not compensated to share my views and I hope you find them helpful if you, like me, find yourself considering purchasing this crafting tool.


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