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Trying Out Pixie Spray {New Video}

Have you heard of Pixie Spray??? I just recently started hearing other crafters talk about this adhesive spray made to work with stencils. It has a very low tack so it will keep your stencil in place on your paper, but won’t rip your paper when you lift if off. Genius!

I decided to give the Pixie Spray a try for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I already owned a few stencils that I was not using. I had not had good luck with producing quality designs that I was happy with because the stencil would move. When it moved, my inking would be off and it would look terrible. The second reason I wanted to try it was to expand my options for creating cards. There are so many beautiful stencils out there that I wanted to try. Purchasing some Pixie Spray was going to allow me to do that.

To test out the Pixie Spray, I made a few cards with 3 different stencils. I have a video on my YouTube channel showing the process of using the Pixie Spray with the stencils. Click below to watch and learn along with me how wonderful this Pixie Spray is!

If you have used Pixie Spray before, drop me a comment below to let me know your thoughts on it. It has helped me get over a hurdle that was keeping me from being a better crafter. And for that, it gets my stamp of approval!


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