Tying A Gift Bow So The Box Sits Flat {NEW VIDEO}

We’ve all seen it. And we probably have all done it. We have tied ribbons on a gift box that left a large clunky knot on the bottom of the package. The gift was never able to sit flat on a table or stack, and it made it difficult for gifts to stay in a nice pretty pile.

I’m here to help with this today!

If you have ever bought anything from Tiffany and Company, you may have been in awe of how nicely the employees tie the bows on their packages (ok, I know it’s not only me!). Just the packages themselves are a work of art! ONe of the things that impresses me the most is that they are able to get a beautiful bow on the top while the bottom of the box stays flat. I had to find out how they did this and I’ve put together a video tutorial to share the technique with you.

There are a couple of things that make tying this type of bow possible – the right ribbon and good scissors. Here are a couple of my favorites that I like to use for holiday gift wrapping that will work work exceptionally well for this bow tying technique.

Want to learn how to tie this type of bow??? Then you should watch my video linked below.

If you use this technique on your gifts and post it on social media, please tag me on your post. I’d love to see how you lovely gifts turned out. Thanks for stopping by and as always, Enjoy!

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