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Using the LIMES Technique For Creating + Video

Hey there family! Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be sharing with you a wonderful technique developed by my crafty friend Ardyth. The technique is called LIMES, which is used when you have found a creation that has inspired you. It’s a great way to honor your inspiration source and put your own spin on it for your creation. Check out Ardyth’s blog post on the technique HERE.

LIMES is an acronym that stands for List, Include, Modify, Exclude and Spin. It’s best to talk through this technique so guess what I did?! I made a video for you all showing you how I used it.

Want to check out my video on using the LIMES technique? Click HERE.

Ardyth’s Card
My Card Inspired By Ardyth’s Card

Here is a list of all the products I used for these cards.

Until next time…Enjoy!

Robin, The Delta Crafter

The Delta Crafter

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2 thoughts on “Using the LIMES Technique For Creating + Video

  1. Michele

    I love the ocean and this card reminds me so much of that peaceful place. The stacked sentiment and sequins are all you needed to finish this one off. Great job!!!

    1. Robin

      Thank you. I love the ocean so it shows up in my creations whenever I can use it.

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