Welcome to 2024!

Well hello there 2024! So glad to see you!

Hey TDC Family! Welcome to a new year at The Delta Crafter. I am thrilled to see the new year arrive but more importantly, I’m excited you are here with me.

2023 was quite the year for me. As many of you know, I lost my Mother in November 2022. So there was quite a bit to navigate in 2023 with this huge loss in my life. My Mother, Gwen, taught me how to craft and what an outlet crafting can provide to a person. She was a big source of inspiration and creativity on top of being an amazing mother. While I still remain grateful for the time I had with her, her loss impacted my creativity in ways I didn’t imagine. I do believe that 2024 will provide the space and time to fill my cup through crafting.

And now that we are looking ahead to 2024, I do have some plans and ideas that I am dreaming up for the new year. Here’s just a snippit of what’s in the works.

  • I plan to keep the 3Cs Collaborative that I sponsor going in the new year with plans for expansion.
  • My crafty pursuits go beyond card making so expect to see other types of crafts pop up through out the year.
  • If you follow me on YouTube (and I hope you do), you know I started a new series last year called “I Saw This Craft On The Internet“. We all seem to have enjoyed the episodes I have released so far so you can expect to see more of that coming in 2024
  • So many other ideas and surprises so stay tuned!

It my hope that your 2024 has started off well and that there is a bright horizon for us all this year. See you all soon! Enjoy!

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